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How many Muslims have already traveled in various countries and wondered once arrived where they can find a halal restaurant ?

How many Muslims have already moved to a new country and couldn't find a store selling halal food or middle eastern products ?

How many Muslims have already visited a country, muslim or not, without seeing that beautiful little mosque or other muslim sightseeings ?

My Halal Locator was created for those of us who go to another country, for travel or living purpose and want to find halal products, halal stores, halal restaurants.

My Halal Locator is regularly updated by its own members and forms a worldwide database of halal products and outlets.

Become a member and share information with other Muslims about your local halal store or that halal restaurant discovered during your last vacation.

10% of the income generated by the advertisement on this website will be donated to Turkish Red Crescent.

Please report to us any suggestion, mistake, bug, feed back ! Or share ! Bookmark and Share

flag Montpellier, France

boogui burger
flag Montpellier, France

Le souk du Maghreb
flag Montpellier, France

flag Toulouse, France

La Caverne d'Ali Bo...
flag Toulouse, France

Ikram halal
flag Toulouse, France

Macelarie Al-Amir
flag Bucuresti, Romania

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